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Kalari Kovilakom Resort

Palace of Ayurveda "Kalari Kovilakom" is surrounded by picturesque hills and plantations of coconut palms. Hotel Kalari Kovilakom is one of the best health and fitness centers in Kerala. The hotel's motto reads: "Leave your world out there", and this means that you will dive here in a new, unfamiliar to you an atmosphere where you will unlock all the secrets learned over five thousand years through unique way of Ayurvedic healing, filled with spiritual self-improvement and self-knowledge. It offers ayurvedic treatments to its fullest extent and with the highest level of service worthy of kings and maharajas. Ayurvedic treatments are successfully combined with the reasonable rules of healthy living and spiritual practices, in particular, with yoga and meditation.

Room Types:

  1. Kovilakom Suite
  2. Vengunad Suite
  3. Attic Rooms (Newly added)

Kalari Kovilakom has 18 rooms, 13 of them - Kovilakom Suite (Room Maharaja) and 5 - Vengunad Suite (room Maharani). The rooms have air conditioning, safe for valuables, telephone and hair dryer, all the guests are given special clothing and footwear designed for continuous wear for the entire period of stay as the hotel doesn't allow the leather shoes in the hotel.

Kalari Ayurveda Packages

  1. Manashanthy (Stress Relief)
  2. Pancha Karma (Rejuvenation)
  3. Sthanlyakina Chikits (Weight Reduction)
  4. Rasayam Chikitsa (Anti Aging)

"Kalari Kovilakom" is surrounded by beautiful green fields and hills in the heart of Kerala at the foot of Annamalai. Distance from the hotel to the airport Cochin is 105 km (about 2 hours drive). The closest town to "Kalari Kovilakom" is Kollengode. Kalari can also be reached from Coimbatore airport.

Ayurvedic Treatments:

Staying in the hotel imposes some restrictions on the behavior of tourists, the observance of set rules are essential to achieve maximum positive effect of Ayurvedic treatments. In "Kalari Kovilakom" use of alcohol and smoking is prohibited, use of mobile phones outside the room is also prohibited. Kids in the hotel are not allowed. During the Ayurveda treatment you will be given special clothing made of natural cotton. But all of these seemingly strict rules in a very short time will make you feel extraordinary calmness and enjoy a pleasant stay. Ayurvedic treatment at the hotel organized at the highest level and the visitors are given daily inspections by medical professionals. Individual selection of foods, daily massages with the use of medicinal herbs grown inside the hotel in its own garden are some of the typical measures in Kalari Kovilakom. Twelve massage parlors has 30 massage therapists who are trained by the ancient system of Kalaripayattu. In addition to treatment programs such as "Longevity", "Rejuvenation", "Anti-stress" and "Slimming", you will be given yoga classes.

Ayurvedic Diets


The hotel organized a vegetarian diet prescribed by your doctor. If you wish you can do to participate in the preparation of food, which is especially welcomed by the hotel staff. This will allow you make more spiritual bond with the staff and discover the secrets of cooking unique dishes of Kerala cuisine.

Price 2021

Ayurveda tariff - Base Category Rooms


Single / Double

*Ayurveda packages includes: Accommodation, Treatments, Full meal, Yoga and Airport transfers.



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