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Varanasi is the oldest and holiest city of India. It holds in itself the strongest faith of Hinduism. The busiest city of North India. Regardless of the fact that there are plenty of hotels available in Varanasi and some near the bank of Ganges, most of the time getting accommodation in Varanasi becomes difficult, especially during festive seasons; so it is advisable to plan well in advance. While being in Varanasi don't forget to take a stroll on the main streets to know about the very old and traditional culture of people and their daily life activities. You can also visit the Sarnath and Kashi Vishwanath temple of Varanasi. Morning boat ride and evening Aarti on Ganges is also very spectacular. If you arrive by train there is tourism department on the station at the right side of Exit and there you can obtain lot of information and help that you needs. It is better to avoid asking directly to unknown people. There is also facility to book your train reservation on tourist quota 3 hours - 4 hours prior to departure. Varanasi is also very famous for its Silk sarees and Varanasi Paan (betel leaf).



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