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Popular Tour Packages in India
  • Golden Triangle Tour

    Golden Triangle Tour

    4 Nights / 5 Days

    Price 2019:
  • Rajasthan Tour

    Rajasthan Tour

    10 Nights / 11 Days

    Price 2019:
  • Heavenly Himalayas

    Heavenly Himalayas

    12 Nights

    Price 2019:
  • Buddhist Tour India

    Buddhist Tour

    9 Nights/ 10 Days

    Price 2019:
  • Classical India Tour

    Classical India

    8 Nights / 9 Days

    Price 2019:
  • South India Tour

    South India Tour

    11 Nights / 12 Days

    Price 2019:

Inbound Tour Operator

ADI Voyages India Pvt Ltd is a well known DMC in India with its head office in New Delhi. We provide holiday packages, ayurveda packages, vip assistance, visa services and many more. We receive tourists from all over the world and have wide experience in personal catering to different nationality. Our expert tourist guides are registered with Ministry of Tourism India and they are well versed, have indepth knowledge of monuments, culture, history, properly dressed and decent manner. Established a decade before it has grown to a full fledge service provider not only in India but also in neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Tibet and Thailand. The wings of ADI Voyages spread into all dimension of tour business whether it is for Luxury Holidays, Cruise trip, Luxury Trains, Ayurveda Treatments or Beach holidays with Family. Our tour company is recognized as Inbound Tour Operator by Ministry of Tourism and recognized official sale agent for Super Luxury train Maharajas Express.

What we do:

Saving Cost: Contrary to the general beleif that tours are costly through tour operators, the consultancy provided by us for customizing tour packages for our clients, help them save cost by cutting the cost of extra domestic flights and organizing the proper route of the program thus saving in transportation and time also.

Innovation: We are not limited to traditional way of providing services but always look to serve clients looking for innovative way of tour packages whether it belongs to exclusive photgraphy tour, meeting with common men, special visit to cricket match or trekking through the tough terrains of Himalayan range.

VIP Clients: ADI Voyages mostly deals in VIP and Upmarket Leisure segment from all part of the world. We provide highest level of care and services to all our clients. The delicacy of our business is made strong with long relationship and support which we receive from our suppliers and provide to our clients.

Charter planes and Helicopter:

Luxury Train: Maharajas Express We are official partner to sell Maharajas Express - the luxury trian of India.

Visa Assistance: We also provide assitance to get the visa for India and neighbouring countries.

Peace of Mind: The most important thing during tour is peace of mind without which the whole purpose of your tour is lost. Leave all your effort of organizing the tour, guide, transport and selecting the propoer hotel with right room choice with us and just simply enjoy the enthralling holidays with your family.

India: +91 8400592990

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