Ayurveda Packages

Ayurveda Hotels

  • Doctor Franklin

    Dr. Franklin

    Kovalam, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Bethsaida Hermitage

    Bethsaida Hermitage

    Kovalam, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Somatheeram Beach Resort

    Somatheeram Beach Resort

    Kovalam, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Kalari Kovilakom

    Kalari Kovilakom

    Kollengode, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Manaltheeram Beach Resort

    Manaltheeram Beach Resort

    Kovalam, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Carnoustie Beach Resort

    Carnoustie Beach Resort


    Price 2022:
  • Marari Beach Resort

    Marari Beach Resort

    Mararikulam, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Coconut Lagoon Kumarakom

    Coconut Lagoon

    Kumarakom, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Nattika Beach Resort

    Nattika Beach Resort

    Thrissur, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Travancore Heritage

    Travancore Heritage

    Poovar, Kovalam

    Price 2022:
  • Uday Samudra

    Uday Samudra

    Kovalam, Kerala

    Price 2022:
  • Kumarakom Lake Resort

    Kumarakom Lake Resort

    Kumarakom, Kerala

    € 165,00 / Double

A medical science of ancient time which has helped people to get relived from their illness and rejuvenate themselves with the use of herbal medicines. It has achieved its importance again in the modern world where regardless of the fact that many advance technologies exists; Ayurveda still comes to help the people. What makes ayurveda special is that it is completely free from the side effects of modern medicines. The combination of Ayurveda with Massage Therapy existed in India individually and the new concept has been adopted by many hotels in Kerala to give the fruitful results to clients. Usefulness of Ayurveda has been proven by modern science and by clients themselves who are availing the dual benefits of ayurveda and massage.

Ayurvedic Treatment Herbs

India is full of good Ayurvedic resorts, some of the known are Somatheeram, Manaltheeram, Dr. Franklin, Sagara Beach Resort, Turtle Beach Resort, Leela Kovalam, Abad Harmonia, Bethsaida etc. Check our best deals on Ayurveda hotels.

In a busy life we rarely give time to our body. Resorts in Kerala gives you not only a pleasant beach stay but also the opportunity of body care programs while you are at rest. Ayurvedic treatments are the necessary elements of today's life at it is time tested and supersede all the modern medicines. It doesn't have any side effects and give you a better feeling than taking any other medicines.

Doctor Consultations: Even though Ayurveda has no side-effects it is advisable to have the doctors consultation at the time of check-in so that you can have proper benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments. Most of the Ayurveda and Spa hotels offer free consultation on arrival.

Special Diet Plan: Ayurveda hotels usually prepare a proper diet plan for their clients, so that there should be proper effect of the treatments.

Lifestyle: Guests availing the ayurvedic treatments packages are generally requested to follow the proper guidelines given to them at the time of check-in. Please also note that hotels do have restrictions on drinking alcohol and smoking, specially inside premises.

Oil Massage: The typical oil massage has been a tradition in India for long and still used very widely in India. Its commercialization has started with the introduction of Ayurveda along with Massage Therapy which is proven to be good for people with ailments or without and ofcourse there is no side effects of this natural therapy. Shirodhara is the terms used for pouring oils on your head and than give a gentle massage.

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