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Bethsaida Hermitage

HOTEL DESCRIPTIONS: Bethsaida Hotel in Kerala is very excellent and economical ayurveda resort located on the Kovalam beach. Bethsaida Hermitage is at a distance of 18 km from Trivandrum International airport. An excellent hotel which imbibe in itself all the modern comfort and acknowledged by the Excellence awards received by the hotel. Bethsaida hotel is well proportionate to its price and comfort. As soon as you enter in the hotel it will attract you with its harmony of colors and the serenity of the surrounding space. The hotel also organize airport transfers for its clients booked for Ayurveda Packages.


The hotel has exceptional beautiful and well maintained territory located just beside the Arabian Sea. This Kovalam hotel truly incorporate in itself, the home away from home concept and deliver client satisfaction to the level that clients feel not away from home but just like taking the holidays at their own place along with services and facilities that could have been desired by them. Bethsaida Hermitage Rooms are not constructed but designed with each having their own look and taste. Ideal location at the southern coast of Kerala and only 18 km far from Trivandrum International airport. A continuous position in Excellence of Services makes Bethsaida Hermitage an extraordinary and exclusive place for holidays at Kovalam beach.

Bethsaida Hermitage Room Types:

  1. Seaview room (60)
  2. Modern Kerala Cottage (7)
  3. Modern Kerala House (9)
  4. Kottaram House (4)
  5. Wooden House (4)
  6. Special Keral Huts (3)

Bethsaida Hermitage: Ayurveda Packages

  1. REJUVINATION PROGRAMME (Rasayana Chikitsa)
  2. BODY DETOX PROGRAMME (Shodhana Chikilsa)
  3. LIVE LONG, LIVE YOUNG PROGRAMME (Kayakalap Chikitsa)


Quality treatments by Ayurvedic mean is one of the main advantages of staying at Bethsaida Hermitage. In the 16 treatment rooms hotel offers a unique wellness Ayurveda program, including "Weight Loss", "Panchakarma", "Anti-stress", "Longevity" and "Rejuvenation", as well as unique massages and various diagnostic procedures. There are in-house medical professionals, which includes 28 professional therapists and doctors who organize individual curative treatment for each clients.

Amenities in Bethsaida

The hotel has three restaurants, one main buffet area, where food is organized based on the doshas (ailments), and two restaurants serving Indian, Keralite and European cuisine, which offers a rich selection of fresh seafood caught by local fishermen, and lots of organic fruit and herbs which are provided from their own maintained garden. In the hotel there are two large pools, a beauty salon, a video library, a yoga hall, business centre, tennis court, laundry and dry cleaning service, gift shops, money exchange, Wi-Fi. Hotel also organize a fascinating tour of the monuments in Trivandrum and evening cultural programs for in-house guests.

Bethsaida Hermitage Pulinkudy, Mulloor .P.O,
Trivandrum - 695521,
Kerala, India

Price 2024

Ayurveda tariff - Base Category Rooms




Price 2024 (From 18-04-2024 » till 31-10-2023)
Ayurveda Package7728 €1184 €
Ayurveda Package141457 €2369 €
Ayurveda Package212148 €3504 €
Ayurveda Package282808 €4656 €
Price 2024 (From 18-04-2024 » till 29-02-2024)
Ayurveda Package71155 €1733 €
Ayurveda Package142274 €3364 €
Ayurveda Package213354 €4985 €
Ayurveda Package284444 €6605 €
Price 2024 (From 18-04-2024 » till 31-03-2024)
Ayurveda Package71014 €1544 €
Ayurveda Package141971 €2965 €
Ayurveda Package212937 €4312 €
Ayurveda Package283828 €5734 €
*Ayurveda packages includes: Accommodation, Treatments, Full meal, Yoga and Airport transfers.



Tel India: +91 87652 29194