Shipping & Returns

Adi Voyages sell tour packages for India, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Tour Packages, Hotels and Transfers are subject to cancellation policy after purchase. On purchase of products clients will be provided with the vouchers sent through email and valid for their dates of purchase. All the services will be provided in accordance with the details mentioned in the vouchers. Service provide reserve the rights to ask for the vouchers, hence it is expected from tourists to keep the vouchers until the services are provided. In case of differences in the vouchers kindly inform us and amended or changes will be made according to terms and conditions. A separate copy of vouchers will also be provided to tourists on arrival in case of booking made for transfers and tour packages are part of the purchase.


Any amount paid will be refunded as per the cancellation clause of confirmation email. Cancellation period varies from time to time and from hotel to hotel and it can be also different for other services (like flight, transfers, tours etc). It is advisable to get the cancellation clause specific to booking at the time of confirmation. General Terms of Cancellations and Refunds will follow in case no cancellation period is given or unless stated otherwise. All the cancellation has to be notified through email in writing.

General Terms of Cancellations and Refunds:

  • Cancellation of bookings during May - August (both inclusive): 7 Days cancellation period for all the services, hotels, tours, transfers. 100% Cancellation charges if cancelled within 7 days of confirm bookings. 50% Refund in case of cancellation made within 15 days of booking. In case cancellation informed before 15 days of booking 100 % Refund.
  • Cancellation of bookings during September - April (both inclusive): 30 Days cancellation period. 100 % cancellation charges in case of cancellation. Cancellation informed within 45 days of booking will be refunded 50% amount. Before 45 days 100% Refund.
  • New Year Cancellation Period: 90 Days. All cancellation should be informed 90 days prior or 100% cancellation charges for hotel bookings during New Year, Christmas Period.
  • Group Cancellation: 90 Days (50% Cancellation Charges), 45 Days (75 % Cancellation Charges), 30 Days (100 % Cancellation Charges). Clause will vary during New Year and Christmas Period.
  • Other Conditions

  • All loss of exchange rate due to refund has to be borne by the agents, tourists, clients who have made the bookings.
  • Refund will be executed after deduction of charges, expenses, taxes if any.
  • Company reserves the right to offer refund as a credit for future bookings.
  • Company reserves the right to charge minimum 10% Cancellation amount on any cancellation due to administrative or miscellaneous expenses.