Bhutan is a spiritual country which measures the development of its country not by GDP but by GNH: Gross National Happiness. It consider happiness more important than the monetary value of a nation. Bhutan is also known as Shangri-la, as its beautiful location hides it in the Himalayan mountains. The majority of the population still live on agriculture. This country truly reflects the blend of monarchy and democracy, living side by side in tandem.

It has opened the door for foreign tourists but with limited numbers only. In the year of 1990, there were only 2000 international visitors while it grew to 22000 in 2008. Bhutan follows the policy of controlled tourism in order to protect its cultural value better and not to get them influenced by other cultures. Tour packages to Bhutan should be booked in advance due to the non availability of flight tickets and hotels during peak season. Other than that, flight ticket's costs are higher near to dates. A comprehensive tour to Bhutan is recommended while booking the trip, which can include visiting Paro, Thimpu, and Punakha.

Map of Bhutan

Facts about Bhutan:

li>Capital: Thimpu. The capital is located 50 K.M. from the city of Paro, where Bhutan International airport is located.
  • Local Currency: Ngultrum is the local currency of Bhutan, and its value is equal to Indian Rupees.
  • Weather: Bhutan is a cold country, and tourists should carry warm clothes during any period of the year while visiting Bhutan.
  • Language: Dzong, English is widely spoken
  • Visa: It can be arranged for 25 USD, including the tourist permits in advance, and tourists can get it stamped on arrival. They need to carry the approval copy with them while coming to Bhutan.
  • Flights: Druk Air is the only airline that is flying to Bhutan in Paro. It operates its flight from cities likes: Delhi, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Calcutta, and Bangkok.

  • Travelling Tips to Bhutan:

    Carrying winter clothes during any time of year in Bhutan is advisable. Whereas day temperature may seem pleasant, the temperature can drop significantly during nights. You may have difficulty in finding some of the Europeans brand medicine here, hence if you need something, carry it with yourselves. Do respect the silence while visiting the Parliament or monastery where students may be doing meditation or their study. Bhutan's traditional clothes are exquisite, give a try while holidaying in Bhutan.

    Places to See in Bhutan:

  • Taktsang Monastery: A monastery located high on the heels, also known as Tiger Nest. It can be reached on horses while climbing. A full day is recommended to visit Niger Nest.
  • National Memorial Chorten: The memorial was built to honor the third king of Bhutan H.M. Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and built-in 1974
  • Tashichhodzong
  • Punakha Dzong

  • Festivals of Bhutan

    Upcoming Festivals in Bhutan:

  • 17 June: Nimalung Festival
  • 18 June: Kurjey Festival

  • What is Tantric Buddhism?
    Bhutan is the only country that follows Tantric Buddhism, which emerges during the last phase of Buddhism. It is also known as Diamond Vehicle or Vajrayana. Tantra Buddhism originated in India, but later during the period of the Muslim invasion, it disappeared. It believes that a person's karma (action) forces him to reincarnate into the next life, which is also the basic tenet of Buddhism.



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