Online Payment

Mandatory Parameters

Optional Parameters

We encourage payments through Bank Transfers. Higher amounts should be paid exclusively through bank transfers. Small costs can be paid through credit cards and online secure transfer systems. We request our clients to verify and take approval with us before making any payments. All the data of clients are purged after the purchase. We do not store any payment credentials of our clients. We respect the privacy of all the details provided by clients, including passport details and other information. If required, they will be stored securely with access to higher management only.

Please note that none of our staff ask for any payment related secure data on the phone or by email. Clients themselves do all the payment transactions. In case of details required on how to make a payment, kindly make a request. It is highly desired that clients review and cross-check the purchase before making the payment. Any extra amount paid can be used to avail of further services only. If you have any queries regarding safety and security, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We use only those payment gateways, which are the well trusted in the online shopping market. We service our clients with 100% safe and secure payment methods.


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